Interior Painting

Are you looking to prepare your home for sale or put your personal stamp on a home you’ve recently purchased? Perhaps you’ve lived in your home for years and you simply feel it’s time for an update. As your interior painting contractor, AV Painting will provide a tailored experience to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for. Regardless of which areas of your home you’re looking to refresh with paint, we have you covered. Just a few of the painting projects we typically take on include:

  • Walls and ceilings
  • Trim, molding, and baseboards
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Interior doors

During your initial consultation, an expert from AV Painting will take the time to inspect your home and develop solutions for the specific problems you are facing. Additionally, we will thoroughly review your color and paint options, helping you capture the perfect style for your home.


Interior painting 1Interior painting 1
Interior painting 2Interior painting 2
Interior painting 3Interior painting 3
Interior painting 4Interior painting 4
Interior painting 5Interior painting 5
Interior painting 6Interior painting 6
Interior painting 7Interior painting 7
Interior painting 8Interior painting 8
Interior painting 9Interior painting 9

Trust the Professionals

V Painting is committed to providing quality beyond what other interior painting contractors in the area can offer. Before painting, we will take comprehensive steps to prepare surfaces for painting, perform any necessary repairs, and remove old paint. Then, our hand-picked team of highly experienced interior house painters will expertly apply top-quality primer and paint. By fitting the size of our painting crew to the size of your project, we’ll be able to complete the process efficiently without sacrificing quality.

Throughout the painting process, we will keep your home clean and free of dust. And, upon completion of the project, we’ll do a final walkthrough to ensure you are 100% satisfied. We’ll even leave you with an eight-year written warranty for your peace of mind.

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